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   WHO ARE WE?    

It all started with an idea. 

We both work remote and at this point, we had been dating for a few months and took a trip to Nova Scotia to take in the beautiful and peaceful landscape in the summer. 

While we were there, we tested out the internet connection on our Starlink and it was 100/100 Mbps. 

Megan said, "we should RV around the country to figure out where we want to settle down."

And, so we did. 

We researched options, went to multiple RV shows, and ended up purchasing a 2022 Ford Expedition with 9,000+ towing capacity. And we found our perfect layout: The Keystone Bullet 291RLS. 

The first few months were rough; we made so many mistakes and had no idea what we were doing. Every month, we've gotten more comfortable and confident with our home. 

We fully renovated it this summer, as well, as we wanted to ensure that we could truly feel at home while on the road.

All in all, that one idea just a few months ago has turned into Our Adventure Home, literally and figuratively speaking. ​

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